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Glenrowan aims to help young men develop the virtues of service and charity.  For the younger high school students, Glenrowan organises frequent visits to nursing homes and the elderly, or working bees where students can give of their time to those who are less fortunate or sick. Part of our core message is not just to teach excellence in academic and professional endeavours, but to help students to give of themselves, in order to help benefit others in society. 

Since 2001, Glenrowan has been organising volunteer service projects, both around New Zealand and overseas. Often combining with groups from similar Centres in Sydney and Melbourne, the service projects aim to get students and young professionals out of their comfort zones and giving themselves to the community. The participants give their time, money and effort to help those in need and to grow in virtue and character whilst building long-lasting friendships. 

Check out the action from our past workcamps in 2019 and 2020 in Vanuatu: 

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