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Spiritual Retreats 

Retreats provide a weekend away to reflect on God and the living out of one's faith at work, home and in social life. Retreats are conducted by a priest of the Opus Dei prelature and comprise of:  

  • Periods of guided prayer in the chapel

  • Opportunity to attend Mass and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation

  • Talks on virtues and prayer life

  • Time for personal reflection

Retreats are held at Brooklands Country Estate, 5908 Hwy 22, Waingaro 3456. They commence 8.30pm on the Friday and conclude at 3.30pm on Sunday afternoon.

The cost of a 2-night retreat is $410 and the cost of the 3-night option is $490.


Retreats are scheduled to take place on the following dates in 2024:

  • February 8th - 11th (3 nights)  

  • March 8th - 10th (2 nights)  

  • March 21st - 24th (3 nights)              

  • May 31st - June 3rd (3 nights) 

  • June 13th - 16th (3 nights) 

  • August 8th - 11th (3 nights) 

  • August 23rd - 25th (2 nights)                 

  • September 19th - 22nd (3 nights) - (NB: this retreat is for Young Professionals only)

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