Since 2001, Glenrowan has hosted a huge range of residents from all over New Zealand and indeed the world. 

We've hosted students from as far north as Whangarei and as far south as Dunedin, and from lots of places in between, such as Wellington and Kapiti, Christchurch, Whangarei, Hamilton, and greater Auckland.

Our international links mean people have connected with us from Mexico, Argentina, Spain, the USA, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa, Korea, Brazil and Italy.

Some of our own New Zealand residents have made connections to international students here at Glenrowan and have set up their own international exchanges. To find our more, get in touch on (09) 377 6805 or 0211 633 113.

Below are the testimonies of just a few of our past residents.

Nitish Lobo
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) First Class Honours, University of Auckland

Little did I know before coming to Glenrowan that it would play a huge part in my life. Glenrowan not only encouraged me to be a hardworking and focused student but it also provided me with exemplary role models who were both dedicated and scholarly.


I found that Glenrowan also balances this academic drive by fostering a culture of sport and outdoors adventure.
I had numerous opportunities to go camping, skiing, cycling, running, play table tennis and even travel overseas.

Character development is grossly underrated by university students but it becomes fully apparent later as a working professional. Many of my best professional engineering qualities that my employers and colleagues commend me for were developed at Glenrowan, and this is what sets it apart from the other halls.

Glenrowan also provided for my spiritual and cultural growth, and gave me great networking opportunities. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to live at Glenrowan - I really couldn't have asked for more. 

Luis Siasoco
Bachelor of Engineering, University of Auckland

Though it's not the most obvious thing about Glenrowan, it really helped me gain amazing insights in my Christian faith. There's both spiritual and social activities that gave me an opportunity to pray, as well as interact with other people.

One of my best memories was travelling to Fiji as a volunteer in the summer of 2012. We paid our own way to go and live in a remote village and build houses after a severe cyclone. It was a hugely rewarding trip and I can't recommend it enough to others. More recently, I had the opportunity to go to the UNIV Congress in Rome over the Easter week of 2018. Another fantastic experience.

I now work as a mechanical engineer for one of New Zealand's most renowned testing agencies and though I miss my student days in Glenrowan, I still find myself regularly turning up for monthly recollections and attending a yearly retreat as well as keeping up my friendships with the staff and students at the residence.